Band Together for Better Results

Cross-promotion is about expanding the marketing reach of your product or service. Cross-promotion can save businesses time and money and increase advertising exposure. Partner with a business that shares similar customers, but does not compete with you. Here are four ideas to get you started… • Create a co-branded advertisement for the local newspaper. For instance, a real estate company, partners with a mortgage and moving company and purchase a joint advertisement, the costs will be one-third of those for a solo ad. • Use social media outlets. Add comments to a business partner's Facebook page, or Tweet about the company. • Run a contest with prizes from all your partners. For example, a florist, beauty salon and dry cleaner could hold a Valentine's Day drawing where the winner receives a dozen roses, a haircut, and $50 worth of dry cleaning. • Write an online review of your complimenting partners, and in return, they may do the same for you. You've heard it before, but I will repeat it 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Taking the time to write a review for a small business is priceless!

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