Tuesday Tip: Support Local

Tuesday Challenge: With Small Business Tuesday just a week away, today's challenge is to support your favorite local business! Shopping small isn't the only way you can support local businesses in your community. Below are some simple ways you can help a local business without making a single purchase, and it only takes a moment to do!

Share Some Social Media Love!

  • Instead of hitting like, use the Heart or Wow reaction

  • Leave a Comment

  • Share a Post

  • Visit their Website

Forget the "LIKE" button!

Instead of liking a post, use the Heart or WOW reaction. Reaction emojis are more influential than 'likes' in determining what content will appear in their newsfeeds.

Leave a comment!

Leave a comment rather than a simple reaction. A comment will help move a small business's post up the newsfeed of those who like their page and get it noticed.


One of the best things you can do for a small business on social media is to share their posts. This will allow the small business to reach a broader audience directly.

Visit their Website.

Website Traffic is a big deal for small businesses. Increased traffic helps to improve their rank, which in turn generates more traffic, helping to give the company more exposure and can lead to new customers and sales!

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