Get to Know your Customers Day

January 16th is Get to Know Your Customers Day. It is a fun way to remind businesses to reach out to patrons and get to know them better.

Chances are when you’re a small business owner, you’re always busy, making it difficult to take the time to interact with customers. However, on Get to Know Your Customers Day, consider taking the time out of your schedule to show your loyal customers that you appreciate their business.

Here are a few simple ways cost-effective ways to celebrate:

  • Send cards: Customers may expect a card during the holidays, but they may be surprised to get one on “Get To Know Your Customers Day.”

  • Create a website & Facebook banner: Create a banner on your site’s landing page to display your appreciation and a thank-you message.

  • Put together a swag bag: Fill it with trinkets inside with branded water bottles, key rings, magnets, and candy.

  • Post a social media raffle: Create a fun way to engage your customers on your social media sites. Give away a free service or a gift card.

  • Throw a party: Host an open house so your customers can meet each other. Make it a fun experience by providing live music, food, and activities for the entire family.

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