Tuesday Tip: Unexpected Extras

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I got the best surprise yesterday as I ran through the drive-thru for a quick cup of joe and a snack. The voice on the other side of the intercom was genuinely happy, joyful, and full of friendly enthusiasm, so much so it made me smile from the inside out. Our conversation was brief but a good one.

I couldn’t wait to meet the person behind the voice at the window. When I pulled up, I was greeted with a huge SMILE and more engaging happiness. I left feeling GREAT! As I pulled into the office, I glanced down at the wrapper that held my snack to throw it away and to my surprise, it had a handwritten message, “You are loved.” It totally knocked my socks off! Before I knew it, I had posted it on my Instagram, called my husband to share, and preceded to talk about it to the next five folks I ran across.

My point in sharing this on Business Tip Tuesday is that it reminded me that it’s the unexpected extras that we give our customers that hold the key to business success. If you’re in the customer service business — and every business is, in some capacity — you should strive to continually show your gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways.

A random act of kindness for outstanding customer experience doesn’t have to cost a dime, it’s a simple jester that will keep your customer talking about you, coming back for more, and you might even get some social media love too!

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